#031 // 31.07 - 06.08

So, last week Amy found out that she landed a new job at United Airlines. In light of this, we're looking into moving flat to make our commutes a little bit easier!


Bonus set of photos! Amy and I went for an evening stroll around Banstead Woods. There are these new chainsaw carvings, which are pretty cool to see. We met some cows, who weren't too impressed when I tried to say hi, then stumbled across a creepy cupboard thing with a silhouette cut-out...


We spent Saturday in the Twickenham area sussing out our options for renting a flat there. On our way on the way out of Isleworth (which we didn't end up stopping in) we drove through a freak hail storm - I've seriously never been in weather quite like it. We stopped off in Kingston for lunch and to do a spot of shopping, then went home exhausted! I didn't take any photos during the day, but I did get bored and decided to have a go at a spot of product photography, and taught myself how to do clipping paths again. Here's one of the very unexciting photos. 


One of our friends invited us along to look at their potential wedding venue in Kent, so we headed down to Whitstable a couple of hours earlier to make a day of it! First stop was Blueprint Coffee to refuel, then we strolled along the beach before heading to Mount Ephraim. We had a good look round the house, the rooms and the surrounding gardens (which were pretty impressive) before driving back up to London. We drove home via Wimbledon andn stopped for an awesome pizza at Franco Manca (also no photos) and then I spent bloody ages catching up on this blog.