#024 // 12.06 - 18.06


Saturday was spent at home with the family. Hannah was also visiting my parents with her dog, Scout - it was the first weekend in a very long time where we've all been under the same roof! 

The trip home was timed perfectly to coincide with some pretty amazing weather! The only thing missing was a pool. The dogs didn't miss out though!

We finished the day off in a great pub, where I finally satiated my scampi craving, which is the strangest craving I've had in a long time.


Happy father's day, Dad! Sunday was another absolute scorcher of a day. We started the day with a quick dog walk, and the heat, even at 10am was stifling. I spent most of the walk running around like a complete idiot with a camera staibiliser, trying to get vaguely passable video clips of the dogs. Why? I don't really know!

We had a table booked for lunch in Canterbury, so we went over a little early. Mum and Hannah shopped, while Dad and I looked at DJI drones, drank coffee then sat outside a pub with a beer! We then got stuck into an excellent Turkish meal, before heading back to the garden. More staibiliser antics ensued - this time complete with 250fps slow mo!