#016 // 17.04 - 23.04


Bank Holiday Monday - Yay! I don't get bank holidays off by default, but I booked both off this weekend so that I could enjoy a couple of extra days off. It was well worth it!

After visiting some of Amy's family, we made a beeline for Steep Street in Folkestone (the best coffee shop) swiftly followed by chips from The Smokehouse (best fish and ship shop). The weather was still holding up, which was surprising as the whole weekend had been pretty good, and that simply doesn't happen on bank holiday weekends. It made being by the see all the better. We stopped on the Harbour Arm, listened to the live folk music, made friends with a pair of Golden-doodles and soaked up some of the atmosphere. I think it's great seeing a space which had been disused for so long being transformed into such a cool little spot. 

Following our trip to Folkestone, we dusted off our picnic blanket and sat on the cliffs overlooking town, enjoying the last few hours of sunlight and the last few hours of the long weekend. Oh, and getting more and more excited about NYC! Not long now! 


Today wasn't the most exciting day, but it was still nice nonetheless! We started the morning off with coffee in Kingston, before whizzing round the shops picking bits up for our trip to NYC (which is under a week away now!). With Kingston out of the way, we stopped in Sutton on the way home to pick a few more bits up.

I spent a couple of hours sorting through my clothes and packing my case ready for next week before heading back out for my friend Ari's birthday drinks at the Four Thieves in Clapham! This was quite possibly the best bar/pub I've ever been to. The upstairs of the pub featured dozens of arcade games, a VR game as well as a remote control car race track. Downstairs was more like a typical bar, but with jazz and swing music, which made for a great atmosphere! Oh, and they sell gin and beer distilled / brewed on site!

Today wasn't particularly photogenic, so it's just iPhone photos below!