#010 // 06.03 - 12.03

10 weeks into 2017 already. Whaaaaat.  


Midweek post? Oh yep. This was the day I finally did it - I got my wisdom teeth removed! I've needed this procedure for such a long time, but I've always dreaded it so much that I've put it off, and off, and off. I figured enough was enough, and so a few weeks ago I booked this operation in. I'm lucky enough to get private health insurance as a perk of my job, which meant that I only had to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment, and I got my own private room. All in all, it was ok! I think the stress before the operation was worse than the experience itself, but that's probably because I was under general anaesthetic! 


After spending 2 days in bed watching TV (lots and lots of programmes about food) and fantasising about pizza, Amy dragged me out of bed and for a walk. We headed over to Wimbledon Common (about 100 yards away from the photos above) and walked through to Wimbledon Village. I braved real life solid food and enjoyed a stack of blueberry pancakes from Brew (which took me about forty minutes to eat), then stared at a pizza van for way too long. I. Really. Want. Pizza.


The weather kinda sucked today, but we decided to brave it and head it out into the city! We started off in Victoria, walked around the new development there (and tested the coffee), then onto Pimlico and we eventually reached the Tate Britain. We watched a short film as a part of RACHEL MACLEAN: WOT U :-) ABOUT? which was interesting, but so, so, so strange.

After continuing along the Thames, we ended up in Chinatown. I've been watching heaps of shows on Munchies (Vice's food channel on YouTube) and one of my favourites is Fuck, That's Delicious - in one episode the host (Action Bronson) visits London. This completely inspired a trip to Kowloon Restaurant for a BBQ Pork Bun!