#052 // 25.12 - 31.12

This is it. The 52nd week of the year, and the 52nd post on this blog. I might have fallen behind a few times, but I've actually achieved 52 weeks worth of posts, which is exactly what I set out to do! 

This was a great, but weird week. With Christmas Day falling on Monday, Amy and I had to head back to the flat on Boxing Day, bringing Christmas to a very abrupt end. 

Now this whole thing is over (almost, one more post) I'm thinking about what is next. How do I carry on a blog when it's called 2017, and has the url /2017? Guess I need to figure that out! 


Christmas Day! I had a really lovely day, with lots of great food and drink, a couple of intense rounds of Scrabble, and beer pong. 


Spent the morning relaxing and trying to fly Dad's new mini-drone, then we took the dogs to Sunny Sands in Folkestone. The beach is dog-friendly in the winter months, and they had the best time playing with all of the other dogs! 


The second to last day of 2017, and we tried to make the very most of it! The first thing on the agenda was a trip to Kingston - Amy went sale shopping while I relaxed and drank lots of good coffee in a great little coffee shop. With that out of the way, we drove over to Esher for lunch at Giro, followed by a great walk, lots of good chats and reflection on the past year as well as the year to come. 


Today. the sun set for the last time this year. I also ate my last pizza of the year, had my last coffee of the year, had my last day out of the year, had my last evening out of the year and spent it with my favourite person. It was a pretty great day, and a lovely way to end the year. Now, bring on 2018.