#051 // 18.12 - 24.12

This was the first week in quite some time that I've been able to spend at home. It was lovely to spend lots of time with family and the mutts, and also to see one of our friends get married! No photos from the wedding though! 


Dad was fitting new latches on the handles on the door, so I took it as an excuse to take a few photos and play with his X100T. I sort of wish I hadn't, as I want to upgrade my X100 now - the X100T is SO much quicker and easier to use. I also got let loose with a chisel and fitted the thingy that goes around the bit where the door latches, and I didn't cock it up too much, so that was good.


Christmas Eve-Eve. Visited Samphire Ho with the dogs and the family, played fetch a lot and took way too many photos of the dogs, and a couple of sheep, and a seagull.


Actual Christmas Eve! Had a coffee with Amy, then we went for a stroll on Folkestone seafront in preparation for the first Christmas dinner. Also got thoroughly confused by what day it was, it felt strange with Christmas Eve landing on a Sunday.