#049 // 04.12 - 10.12

Since getting back from Madrid, I've been really crap at getting out to take any photos. The days have been shorter, the weather colder and work has been much busier. I've stuck it out though, I've pulled posts out by trawling through my iPhone for content, thinking of extra things to write and blagging it. I don't want to let not being out with a camera turn this into a failure, especially not so far in! I've got three weeks left of this year, three weeks left of this blog, perhaps even three weeks left of weekly blog posts. It's got me thinking about what's next? What's the next project? Do I carry on doing this? Do I try and do something different? Right now, I don't know. There's so many things that can get in the way, so we'll have to see what happens next!


Crap photos, great Christmas party! 


Christmas shopping, Five Guys and coffee. The latter makes the first bit tolerable!



I wrote the opening part of this post on Saturday evening. I packed up my camera bag ready for today, then didn't bother taking the camera out of said bag. Fail. On the other hand, I had a great afternoon, with our annual family Dishoom trip! Oh, and it snowed.