#032 // 07.08 - 13.08

This was one very busy week! Amy and I viewed a new flat in Twickenham on Monday evening, which we've started to process of securing! Hopefully, by this time next week, we'll be all set.  We spent Saturday getting our current flat clean and tidy, and also having a mammoth sort out, getting rid of as much stuff as we could. The downside to this is that I didn't think to take any photos, but hey, it's going to happen!


We kicked Sunday off to an early start, heading over to Mayfield Lavender as close to the opening time as possible. Mayfield attracts visitors from far and wide, and by 10AM the place was heaving! We had a walk around, took a few photos and then moved on for a Sunday walk. Knowing we're not going to be in the area for too much longer, we set off on a 5-mile walk, centred around Reigate Hill.