#029 // 17.07 - 23.07

Popped home for the weekend following my birthday - Dad let me loose in his Mazda (now I'm 25, getting insured on other cars is cheaper).


Had a pretty laid back Saturday! Amy had a hen do, so after popping over to Folkestone for a coffee in the morning, I went home and then went for a spin in the Mazda! After stopping for a quick beer at a pub on the beach (and running to put the roof up during a sudden downpour), it was time to go back home again for an excellent steak dinner, followed by a walk with the dogs! 


I've been itching to get back to the Dungeness Snack Shack since visiting the first time a couple of years ago! I needed a good excuse to get out for a spin in the Mazda so we set out early on the drive to Dungeness. Dungeness really is one of the strangest places - it's the only desert in the UK, features a nuclear power station and an abnormally wide beach (wide in that the walk from the start of the pebbles to the sea takes bloody ages). It's also home to the Snack Shack - a little hut that serves up the most deliciously fresh seafood. After our 11AM seafood brunch, we headed to visit Amy's Nan, took the dogs for a walk and then enjoyed a tasty roast before driving back home to Sutton (leaving the Mazda behind).