#028 // 10.06 - 16.07

After a pretty crappy birthday last year (long story short, I was stuck at work with excruciating wisdom tooth issues), I was adamant to make this year different. We went through the motions of looking for a trip away but it just didn't work out. Instead, we set out to try something new!


At what point do you consider yourself old? I've hit the age where car rental companies no longer treat me as a young person, car insurance goes down slightly and surveys with age boxes bundle me in the same box as thirty-year-old. Writing that makes me feel old. The 14th of July is my birthday, and this year Amy went all out to make it great! I got out of bed to Amy stood singing happy birthday, brandishing a caterpillar cake with giant "25" balloons. Then we went kayaking (which was well out of her comfort zone), grabbed a much-needed coffee and brownie from Giro in Esher, then went home, changed and went out for an amazing italian meal, followed by drinks and a game of battleships at a local pub. All in all, a pretty awesome day. 


We kicked off Saturday with a trip to Foodstock LDN, at which point I realised my camera battery was pretty much dead, hence the lack of photos again. After a sushi burrito, a bit of live music and a lot of rain, we went for a walk along the river. We were greeted with the opening of a new shop which meant free coffee. The new development at Battersea also features a games area with table tennis tables, a faux beach complete with hammocks and a neat little view point. After embarrassing ourselves playing table tennis, we headed over to Tooting for a BBQ at a friend's house.


A classic Sunday, complete with a bit of housework, a trip to the supermarket and a nice countryside walk!