#027 // 03.07 - 09.07


A very chilled Saturday! The weekend started with waiting in for a new shower to be fitted and after two weeks with only a bath, the new shower is a real treat! After a day of adulting, we headed into Croydon to grab some food from Boxpark. Boxpark is such a great spot, with loads of amazing food and drink options and it's basically on our doorstep. After great Vietnamese food, a delicious cronut and a game of tennis from a deck chair, we explored South Croydon.


Our Sunday started a little later than usual, as for the first time in ages we slept in until 9. On our way to Richmond, we noticed a little grey puppy running along the path next to the main road harassing a couple. He wasn't on a lead so we stopped to check everything was ok. The puppy wasn't with the couple and was super excitable, running to see Amy, then me. I managed to dive and grab hold of him, and thankfully we managed to track down a very worried pair of owners! While getting so cuddle a little toy poodle puppy was lovely, I ended up with a bloody grazed knee which was less great!

We got to Richmond, grabbed some empanadas and a quick ice cream, then walked down to Twickenham. The walk along the Thames was lovely, as we were treated to perfect warm sunshine. On our way back to Richmond, we hopped on a little boat to cross the river and started planning next weekend (birthday weekend, woo).