#017 // 24.04 - 30.04


After months of waiting, our trip to NYC has finally arrived! It was a very early start, with a 5AM pickup, but everything went so smoothly. We dropped our bags and were through security within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport, found a spot of breakfast then waited for our gate to be called. As soon as the gate info popped up on the screen, we strolled over and boarded right away. The flight itself was fairly smooth with a little bit of turbulence, the food was good (like actually good) and before we knew it we'd landed at JFK.

On arrival, we ran into a little issue in that the metro line we needed to get to our AirBNB was closed, so we hopped in a yellow cab, bracing for a hideous fare. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad!

We grabbed a coffee before checking into our AirBNB, had a quick nap and then set out to see a bit of Williamsburg (and get pizza)!