#014 // 03.04 - 09.04

This has felt like another very long week! I managed to get over to GoodGym for the third time in a row on Monday, ran 5.2 miles and helped to clean the windows at a charity. Monday was a little bit jarring, as there had been a monumental cock-up with my grandad's bungalow. The bungalow had been going through the sales process for some time but things seemed stagnant, however, my parents went over to the bungalow to get things sorted and were met with finding the new owners starting to move their stuff in. Miles and Barr, you suck.


The great thing about working on a Sunday is that I find myself trying to really make the most of the Saturday, this week was no different! In a bid to spend as much time as possible out and about, we headed over to Kingston early to start the day. After the obligatory coffee, we picked up some food for a picnic and started walking towards Hampton. The walk goes through the grounds around Hampton Court, through the gardens and then along the Thames. After reaching Hampton a few hours later, we hopped on a bus back to Kingston, then to Sutton. During the journey, we hatched a plan to spend a bit more time outside, another picnic. After a quick spot of shopping, we loaded up the picnic box, took the roof down and drove up to Epsom Downs for our second picnic of the day!


A beautiful sunny Sunday, and I was stuck answering emails! Dammit. Having five days off next week will make it worthwhile I'm sure.

Getting out with my camera on a working Sunday is a challenge, but I went for a quick stroll along the Richmond Riverside before starting work. If there's one thing I'm really grateful for in my job, it's that the office is in such a lovely spot.