#013 // 27.03 - 02.04

This felt like one of the longest weeks so far, in part, due to having a three day weekend previously. Four weeks has passed after having my wisdom teeth out, so I had a follow up appointment in the week, which resulted in me being "discharged" from the surgeon's care. Yay! 


With Amy out for the day, I spent my day doing a bit of life admin, charging batteries and editing the photos from previous week's easter shoot. Being April Fools day, also spent the morning dodging fake news, and falling for the odd article too. 

I nipped into town briefly, where I found a panzerotti stall. I had my first panzerotti in Milan a couple of years ago, and I think this is the first one I've ever seen outside of Italy so I had to get one - it certainly didn't disappoint. 

I didn't really get out with my camera, so I poked it out of the window instead.


After spending too many hours indoors the previous day, I was intent on having a nice day outside. We packed a picnic, took the roof down on the car and headed over to Esher. After grabbing a quick coffee, we found a parking spot near the commons and started walking. This was our third or fourth trip to the Esher Commons, and every time we've been we've found somewhere new. It really is a great place to spend a few hours exploring!