#012 // 20.03 - 26.03


Working on a Sunday does have one perk - a day off in the week. Everything fell into place pretty perfectly for this Friday; a few days previously mum messaged me to ask about coming up to London and then my sister managed to get day off too which made for a great day out! Our first stop was Wahaca in Soho for lunch, then we went on to Harrods (via Wholefoods & Nespresso), then the Natural History Museum and finally we walked down to Kings Rd, Chelsea.

It's been a few years since I last visited the Natural History museum and I can't get over how much has changed in that time, and also how much of it I still haven't seen. Slightly disappointingly, the main foyer was closed while they add in a blue whale skeleton, but being in "The Vault" when it was mostly empty more than made up for it. 


Saturday mostly consisted of baking, food photography and then pizza and movies. I've been wanting to shoot more than just snaps at the weekend for a fair while, so when Helin suggested a food shoot, I was pretty keen! We set about to shoot a set of photos as an editorial for kids easter baking. 6 hours of baking, 3 sets of washing up and a few minor disasters later, we ended up with a few nice shots!

Feeling pretty wiped out afterwards (and feeling like it was a Sunday), I went home to a spring cleaned flat (thanks Aym), ordered pizza and settled in to watch The Nice Guys (great film).  


Three day weekends win. After going to bed feeling like it was Sunday the day before, I woke up in actual Sunday and a lovely sunny one at that. In an attempt to make the most of the weather, we packed the car with a picnic, took the roof off and drove to Box Hill. 

I think I take for granted just how great it is living that bit further out of Central London, having space for a car and being close enough to beautiful spots like this. 

We've been to Box Hill numerous times now, and on every occasion we've wanted to cross the stepping stones. The first time it was completely flooded so you couldn't even see the stones, and every subsequent time the river has been lapping over the top of them. While the conditions were pretty perfect, the huge queue put us off, so we skipped it. Another time, perhaps!