#008 // 20.02 - 26.02

This blog started as a bit of a challenge to myself, to commit to posting something every week. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm going to stick at it, but it's making me worry that I'm just living weekend to weekend. 

My week days end up being so short of free time due to the hours I work, and the three hours each day that I spend travelling to and from work. That doesn't mean that I'm not having a good time, though, it just means that I don't get to take photos, or do anything all that exciting! When I'm reading this back next year, I want to remember that the bits in between these posts were good too, so, Future Thomas, here's your reminder!


Saturday got off to a little bit of a slow start, thanks to Southern trains running no services out of Sutton. We hopped on a rail replacement bus and then sat on an overground train to Shoreditch Highstreet. After exploring a few streets that we'd not been to before, we joined the queue for Beigel Bake on Brick Lane. The salt beef bagel from this place is a thing of beauty, with huge chunks of salt beef, slathered in hot english mustard surrounded by a freshly baked fluffy beigel (not to be confused with a bagel, of course). Following the beigel, we strolled down Brick Lane, before heading on to Walthamstow and God's Own Junkyard. God's Own Junkyard is an incredible place, packed full of awesome neon signs and art and tucked away at the back of it is a little café too! 

Having never been to Walthamstow before, we sauntered through a rainy Walthamstow Villiage, before embarking on the long (almost 2 hours long) journey back to Sutton.


Sunday morning was spent in a typical Sunday morning way - Adulting. We cleaned the flat, went to the supermarket and I cooked up a vegan chilli, ready for burritos later on. At lunch time, my Sister, her boyfriend, and Scout (the cutest little Cavachon) came to visit! With Sutton town not being the most exciting of destinations, we hopped in the car (well, tried to hop in our car and then gave up and got into my Sister's) and drove over to Banstead Woods. Scout had the best time out of all of us, charging around at high speed, vanishing into the woods and then reappearing either way in front or way behind each time.