#007 // 13.02 - 19.02

I had a four day work at this week, which was a bit of a bonus! 


I started the weekend early by taking Friday off! Dad came up to London for the day, with the aim of taking some photographs around London Fashion Week, so after meeting at St Pancras, we headed to The Strand. If I'm completely honest, there were more photographers there than anything else which made shooting any street-style stuff more challenging that I'd anticipated. Obviously, the sensible thing to do was stroll back down to Honest Burger and wait for things to pick up.

Refulled and refreshed, we walked back along The Strand to the main venue of London Fashion Week! Rather than trying to capture street style shots, I figured it would be more my cup of tea to photograph what was actually going on - a real highlight of this was the chap in the bright yellow Nasa jacket! 

After finding out that LFW was also spread across two venues on the other side of the river (OXO Tower & Tate Modern) we decided to take a stroll and check out it. Unfortunately, the shows at these venues didn't start until the following day, but I still ended up taking some of my favourite shots from the weekend. It was also a great opportunity to see the RX100V in action, testing out the HFR mode and the timelapse app! All in all, it was a pretty great day! : ) 


Saturday is without fail my favourite day of the week. We always do something interesting, and I get to spend it with my favourite person! This week, we headed into the city with no real plans, other than to start at Primrose Hill and see where we ended up! 

After visiting a foggy Primrose Hill and stumbling on the friendliest market ever, we decided to walk along to Camden for lunch. With lunch out of the way, we continued on with our walk and made it to Kings Cross and Granary Square. Kings Cross is going through a huge bout of redevelopment, and it might just be my favourite part of London. Not content with the miles we'd racked up, we carried on to Angel, then onwards to see the "Lie Lie Land" street art. Feeling pretty exhausted, we rushed home, had a sandwich and then hopped in the car over to Helin's for her birthday celebrations. 


I don't like working on Sunday.