#006 // 06.02 - 12.02


Amy and I spent this weekend in Kent! I spent Saturday with Mum & Dad (and the dogs) and had a relaxing day in. We took a few hours to play with the high frame rate mode on the RX100V, and made a pretty cool little coffee montage!


We started the day off walking the dogs in Folkestone. A poor attempt at reading the tide times meant that the tide was right in, so we couldn't walk along Sunny Sands as we were hoping to. However, there was a small patch of beach for the dogs to run around on, and they both made the most of it! After drying the dogs off a little, we walked into town and picked up a coffee from Steep Street. Milo was still soaked, and doesn't cope well in the cold so we cut the walk short and headed home.

At home, I had the idea of trying to get a slow mo shot of coke pouring out of a can, so I set to it! Using a slider to try and track the coke as it left the can was super tricky, as it moves surprisingly fast, but the results were still pretty impressive.

After spending most of the weekend apart, Amy came and scooped me up and we headed back to Folkestone, and back to Steep Street for more coffee. We took a stroll around the harbour, then headed back home again to enjoy a delicious roast dinner.