#005 // 30.01 - 05.02

I ended up staying off work with a stupid virus thing until Thursday, so it felt like a really short week. I found myself really grateful for Amazon Prime & Netflix! 


Amy caught the virus I had, so we took today pretty easy and headed over to Boxpark in Croydon. With about 20 places to choose from, deciding on where to eat was a bit of a challenge! In the end, we went with Greek Street, followed by a coffee from Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. 

After a mooch around Croydon high street (well, Zara), we went home and did the weekly food shop. After dinner, I tried making sweet potato crisps in the microwave, which were a real success!


Spent the day in Richmond! We started off in town, and had a coffee at Coffeeology. Next, we strolled along the river where we spotted The Mitchalaks on a stroll, then explored some more of Richmond Park! We see deer every time we go to Richmond park, but this time we saw a herd of Fallow Deer which we hadn't seen before.